All-Time Wins Above Replacement

I fall into the sabermetrics camp in terms of end of the year awards both here and in MLB. However, I believe that the sabermetrics should not be blindly followed all of the time either…i.e. if the MVP award is supposed to go to the player that is truly most valuable to their team, my vote would go to the player who had the highest percentage of their team’s total WAR each season. My rationale is this: WAR is a good metric for capturing all aspects of the game and determining whether or not a good player on a bad team is more valuable than a great player on a good team could be easily solved in that manner. I have also found a spreadsheet that does WAR calculations for me if I simply plug in data so even though WIS doesn’t provide WAR information it is pretty easy to come by and since this is such a young world it should be fairly easy (if a little time consuming) to generate a database of All-Time WAR at the ML level. That information can be found here: